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Your Troo Hoop came in the mail! Read more about learning to hoop, hoop dance, exercise and working out with your hoop, plus some inspiration below

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Hooping for Beginners

Before you start
  • Choose form fitting comfortable clothing that leaves your arms uncovered.
  • Prepare to hoop by warming up with some body stretches.
  • Stay hydrated, keep water on hand.
  • Make sure you have space to hoop.
  • Most beginners find they will get bruises. They go away after 1-2 weeks. Read more about bruising here.
  • If you are hooping indoors be aware that tape may leave colored scuff marks on the wall.

Learn to Hoop on Your Waist

Troo Hoops does not endorse the nutritional advice in this video.

Stand with one leg in front of your body, and foot leg slightly behind. Bend your knees slightly. Place the hoop on the small of you back, and give it a spin. Move the weight of your body back and forth, pushing or pumping the hoop with a back and forth body motion.

Some people try to spin their hips and waist in a circle the hoop. Spinning your hips won't keep the hoop up nearly as well as pushing back and forth. Determine the direction you are comfortable spinning the hoop on your waist.

After you are comfortable keeping the hoop up on your waist some basics to practice are:

  • Hooping in either direction.
  • Switch postition of your legs. Try keeping your legs at shoulder width apart and hoop by pushing your hips side to side instead of back and forth.
  • Walking in a circle the direction you are hooping. Move your feet in little steps the direction you are hooping feels fun and helps keep the momentum of your hoop.
A Review of Getting Started

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Hoop Dance and Tricks: Beginnner

Moving the hoop on, off, and around your body in different creative ways are the fundamentals of hoop dance. Try practicing tricks and moves with music. Putting moves together with the rhythm and continutiy creates what hoopers call flow. Some hoopers make it look easy, but it takes lots of practice. Stick with it!

Basic off the body

Lifting the hoop over your head...

...and bringing it down

Putting it together

Spinning the hoop around your body

And swinging in patterns

Breaks and reversals

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Hoop Dance and Tricks: Intermediate to Advanced

After you've practiced some of the basics you're ready to start working on advanced hoop tricks. Please, make sure you have plenty of space to practice!

Integrating dance and creating a routine

Chest and shoulder hooping

More breaks and reversals


Knee Hooping



You know you're getting good if you can...

Many more great tutorials can be found by category on

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Mini Hoops: Beginner and Tricks

Mini Hoops are lightweight, small size hoops sold in pairs for off the body and poi-style hooping.

A variety of mini hoop tricks to inspire you.

Learn the 3 beat weave with mini hoops.

Exteneded Reels with Mini Hoops, really get a sense of the connection between poi and minis.

Mini hoops are greeat for isolations!

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Working out with Your Hoop

Before you start
  • Consult a physician before beginning any exercise program.
  • Prepare to hoop by warming up with some body stretches.
  • Stay hydrated, keep water on hand.

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Inspirational Hoopers and Hoop Community

Hooper We Love to Watch
Becky Party
Bex Burton
Brecken Rivara
Hoop Path (Jonathan Baxter & Ann Humphreys)
Malcolm Stuart
Miss Saturn
Philo Hagen
Viktoria Grimmy

Online Hoop Communities
Hoop City
Hoop Tribe

Blogs and Other Fun Hoop Stuff
Firepedia tips on fire, spinning, flow, juggling, and more skills. Perhaps the most fun you can have reading a blog!!
Dué Juggling Blog stories, videos, and up-to-date commentary on juggling, unicylcing, hooping, poi, and more.
Hooping Family Tree linking the hooping community
The Happy Hoop blog
The Hooping Life documentary
Hoop Pretty Hooping Tshirts and Accesories list of tutorials
Hooping Dictionary of dance terms

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