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Mini Hoops

Super Grip Tape (Add $15)


Mini Hoops are lightweight, small size hoops sold in pairs for off the body and poi-style hooping.

Sizing For basic spinning, choose a larger diameter for a slower spin and more control. For poi moves, measure your arm from wrist to pit and round up for your mini hoop size.

Material Choose the Standard HDPE material for beginner off the body moves and a great upper body workout. For those advanced hoopers who want the lightest possible hoops with a little bit of springiness -- well you know what you want, and we have it: select Polypro for your hoop material

Jazz Mini Hoops are made with two shimmering prism tapes. Use two of the same color for a stunning monochromatic shine, or contrast the tapes for something a little more funky. Hoop sections are sealed with clear tape.

Troo Hoop Mini - Jazz $49.95 pair
Blank Do-It-Yourself Mini Hoops for the savvy hooper who wants a truly unique hoop. After you pick your DIY hoop select your tape(s), and wrap it any way you please!

Troo Hoop Mini - DIY $35.00 pair

Sean demonstrates Mini meltdown with Troo Hoops Mini Hoops from our NYC store.

Learn mini hoops and get fit with Hoopnotica.
This video does not contain Troo Hoops Mini Hoops.

LPLoves show us some moves with her Mini Hoops.
Please Note: This video is for educational purposed and does not contain Troo Hoops Mini Hoops.


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