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Troo Hoops are made by Brian Dube, Inc, a world known leader in the manufacture of juggling equipment since 1975. We at Dube Juggling have leveraged all we know of design and manufacturing from our 34 year history, taking advantage of industrial grade materials and technologies to get every detail right.

We began manufacturing hoops in 2008 and quickly learned that what hoopers really want, almost without exception, are collapsible hoops. So, we decided to specialize in hoops that can be taken apart for convenient transport.

We are most proud of our online Hoop Decorator, unique in the field. With this decorator, you are able to completely customize the look of your hoop on screen in any of 4 basic styles and 13 different color tapes.

Troo Hoops have been used by MIchelle Obama, Viktoria Grimmy, Stefan Phildes of Groove Hoops, Barry Lubin aka Grandma the Clown, Jade Dussault, Anna Jack the Letterman “hoop girl,” Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda on the Today Show and many more.

Our Quattro 4-Piece and Pocket 8-Piece Hoops are collapsible with an easy to use push button system. LED hoops are not collapsible. Sport and Dance Hoops are made from a heavy-duty polyethylene tubing (in three weights: heavy sport, 1" dance, or 3/4" dance) which gives them the weight and strength modern hoopers require. Choose from 4 hoop diameters—see chart below for sizing help. Our tapes have been manufactured with a special adhesive that allows clean removal—important for redecorating hoops.

Troo Hoops is now offering our Quattro and Pocket hoops in propylene! Choose from seven bright colors, two tubing sizes (3/4" and super-skinny 5/8"), and 4 diameters. Polypro is ideal for advanced hoopers and those who look for light weight, a fast spin, and a springy responsive hoop. See Warranty Disclaimer**.

Need to learn more about starting hooping and hoop dancing? Visit our resource page for lots of tips and tutorials.

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  • Large 42" hoops have a slower rotation and are easier to start. Recommended for taller or less experienced customers.
  • Medium 39" are the most versatile. Great for beginners and intermediate hoopers.
  • Small 36" and extra-small 33" hoops have a faster rotation and are better for a cardio workout. Recommended for children, hoopers under 4'6", or advanced hoop dancers & performers.
Sport Weight
Recommended for most beginner hoopers, particularly ones interested in a workout. The additional weight makes the hoop easier to control and keep level. Ideal for toning your core/abs.
Available in sizes S, M, L / 21-28oz

Dance Weight
Recommended for beginner to intermediate hoop dancers and children. Great for upper body and off the body tricks.
Available in all sizes XS, S, M, L / 13-22oz

Polypro Weight
Recommended for advanced hoop dancers and children. Excellent for off body hooping and quick paced upper body hooping.
Available in sizes 30, 32, 34, 36 / 6-13oz

Hooping For Fitness: Weighted Hoops
All types of hoop dance are great for fitness because of the cardiovascular benefits. Hooping raises the heart rate and increases blood flow in a gentle low-impact manner that burns calories and is great for building bone density. Our Sport/Fitness weight hoops weigh about 1lb to 1.5lbs. Hoops weighing more than 2lbs are not recommended for any type of hula hooping related activity because they can produce unnecessary bruising, be harmful to your health, cause discomfort and do not actually increase over all the health benefits.

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Quattro (4-piece collapsible)  vs Pocket (8-piece collapsible)

Our best value collapsible hoop, the Quattro Hoop is constructed with four sections of tubing that disconnect via button snaps into four convenient pieces that fit inside our hoop bag. While the regular assembled diameters are sized for full body hooping and a focus on your core, the Quattro hoops can be assembled using only 3 of the 4 sections to create a smaller hoop – great for arm hooping, isolations or small kids!

Our ultra-portable collapsible hoop, the Pocket Hoop is constructed with eight sections of tubing that disconnect via button snaps into eight convenient pieces that fit inside our hoop bag AND inside carry-on luggage or tote bags. While the regular assembled diameters are sized for full body hooping and a focus on your core, the Pocket hoops can be assembled using only 6 or 7 sections to create a smaller hoop – great for arm hooping, isolations or small kids! The extra sections add a little extra weight, so the Pocket is even better for core exercise than the Quattro.

4-Piece QUATTRO Collapsible Hoop

  • Custom hoops starting at $39.95
  • Ideal for hoop dance or hoop workouts
  • Great value travel-friendly hoop
  • 33", 36", 39" & 42" hoop diameters in Sport or Dance weights
  • Great for faster hooping, acrobatic moves, isolations or kids!
  • Available in 4 styles and over 40,000 color combinations

8-Piece POCKET Collapsible Hoop

  • Custom hoops starting at $59.95
  • Heavier weight makes if ideal for beginner hoopers and workouts
  • Most take it on an airplane – will fit in carry-on luggage or tote bags, back packs
  • 33", 36", 39" & 42" hoop diameters in Sport or Dance weights
  • Hoops can be assembled with 6 of the 8 sections for a smaller hoop
  • Great for faster hooping, acrobatic moves, isolations or kids!
  • Available in 4 styles and over 40,000 color combinations
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Mini Hoops

Mini Hoops are lightweight, small size hoops sold in pairs for off the body and poi-style hooping.

Sizing For basic spinning, choose a larger diameter for a slower spin and more control. For poi moves, measure your arm from wrist to pit and round up for your mini hoop size.

Material Choose the Standard HDPE material for beginner off the body moves and a great upper body workout. For those advanced hoopers who want the lightest possible hoops with a little bit of springiness -- well you know what you want, and we have it: select Polypro for your hoop material

Jazz Mini Hoops are made with two shimmering prism tapes. Use two of the same color for a stunning monochromatic shine, or contrast the tapes for something a little more funky. Hoop sections are sealed with clear tape.

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Troo Hoops are available in four styles featuring one to five cloth or prism tapes. The final (top) layer of tape on each hoop is always cloth, for superior grip when hooping. Our graphics and computer experts have created a custom decorator that allows you to customize a hoop online and see the results onscreen. Then just add to cart and all your specifications are automatically saved and transmitted to our order and production departments. If you prefer a more personalized hoop, we also sell Do-It-Yourself Hoops and rolls of tape, so you can decorate the hoop however you please.

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Store your hoop assembled hung on a hook or nail, or (for Quattro & Pocket hoops only, not LED) collapsed and flat, to avoid warping (especially important in hot weather).

Decorative hoop tapes will wear over time and may eventually require replacement. Hooping over rough surfaces (concrete) will greatly reduce the lifespan of the tape. Hooping over grass, sandy beaches, smooth floors, or carpet is recommended. Minor tears and fraying of tape can be fixed with clear nail polish. For more serious cosmetic problems, we sell rolls of replacement tape. Other problems may be covered by warranty. Give us a call and we’ll do our best to solve the problem.

**LED Maintenance Tips**

• When not in use, please remove your batteries from the hoop — if left inside the hoop for extended periods of time (especially in hot weather), the batteries may get hot and leak inside the hoop. DO NOT store your battery backwards inside the hoop.

• Do not allow your LED hoop to come in contact with water — water damage is not covered by warranty.

• While you *can* coil your LED hoop down to about 2/3 size for travel, you do so at your own risk. These are not "infinity" hoops, and are meant to be kept whole and round. If you must coil your hoop for transportation, please limit the time your hoop spends coiled, as the longer the hoop is coiled, the more warped it will be when uncoiled. Please do not store in the coiled state.

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We stand by the quality of our hoops. Troo Hoops warrants all non-LED hoops against defects in workmanship and materials for the lifetime of the original purchaser; LED Hoops have a 6 month warranty. Any product that proves to be defective will be repaired or replaced, at our option, at no charge if returned to our factory. This warranty does not cover cosmetic damage or failure due to accident, abuse, neglect, alteration, or normal wear and tear. Please email us the details of any problem that may exist outside of warranty and we’ll do what we can to help.

Special Note on LED Hoops: Do not get LED hoops wet — water damage will VOID THE WARRANTY.

**Disclaimer for PolyPro Tubing
There is a significant chance of cracking, or breaking of your hoop due to aggressive hooping moves. While Polypropelene is rigid and nice for fast breaks and reversals it is much more brittle and sensitive to temperature change. Please be aware that PolyPro hoops are not covered under our usual warranty.

Returns & Exchanges

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with a purchase, return the item (in new condition) within 30 days for a refund or exchange. Return to our warehouse: Brian Dube Inc., c/o CubeSmart, 3131 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, NY 10303. Too Big / too small / just not what you expected? Return it for exchange and we'll ship your new hoop for free. Enclose a copy of your original sales receipt if possible -- if not, please include a note containing your name, phone number, shipping address, and any relevant information regarding reason for return and items for exchange. Please remember to specify tubing type, hoop diameter, tape style and colors.

WHY Hoop?

• Increase energy and lose weight
• Relieve stress & relax
• Improve balance, rhythm and coordination
• Tighten abs and lose inches off your waist
• Tone your butt, thighs and arms
• Increase flexibility and stamina
• Improve core strength and posture
• But mostly: it’s FUN and addictive, so you’ll do it again and again!

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