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Fire Hoops

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Super Grip Tape (Add $15)

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Troo Hoops is excited to announce the release of our new collapsible fire hoop! Our freshly developed removable fire wick is designed for the optimal burn time and maximum durability. Kevlar wicking is folded and securely mounted to stainless steel spines, each manufactured with rubber shock absorbers which allow wick spines to flex upon impact. Each spine is threaded for simple removal and transport. Our unique construction features a machined aluminum insert riveted in each section, threaded to accept each spine. Sections connect and disconnect with the snap button construction used in all of our collapsible hoops. Wicks and spines are replaceable. Available in 4 sections/wicks or 5 sections/wicks (one wick per section), in HDPE or PolyPro tubing. Decorated in 4 designs or blank/DIY (Do-It-Yourself). Fire spines complete with wicking available separately.

WARNING! Fire manipulation is dangerous and it is likely that the user may get burned. By purchasing this product you are assuming all responsibility for injury or damages caused by the use of this product. Please research and practice proper safety precautions, use the safest fuels, and NEVER play with fire alone!

Put the grip exactly where you need it! A single strip of 1/2" cloth tape on the interior of your hoop provides just enough grip without the added weight. For that extra edge add the Super Grip Tape for an additional $15.

Two tapes wind around the clean and bold-as-you-want-it-to-be collapsible Twist Hoop. Tapes can be matching cloth tapes for a solid color, contrasting cloth tapes or prismatic tape with cloth tape.

No tape Blank Do-It-Yourself.

A thin strip of cloth along the inside of the hoop provides added grip.

Jazz Hoops are made with two shimmering prism tapes. Use two of the same color for a stunning monochromatic shine, or contrast the tapes for something a little more funky. Hoop sections are sealed with clear tape.

Jazz Hoops do not feature cloth grip tape and thus may not be suitable for beginners. Recommended for intermediate to advanced hoopers

Bright one-inch cloth tape spiral wraps over a collapsible black hoop, creating a vivid contrast on the Swing Hoop.


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